1/ RE Use Instruction (How to use)  -  Very simple & easy    
(1) Just prepare Water in a container, and  
(2) put a HairCoat mixed  in the ratio of 1000 : 3  
(ex, 1000 grams or ml of Water and 3 grams or ml of a HairCoat),  and  
(3) have Human hair(-piece) dipped for 10 seconds, and  
(4) have the hair dried. That is it.


2/ RE Detailed of Extra Tips and Practical Application Cases

You can refer to the very basic USE INSTRUCTION above.

But, please view http://www.haircoat.com/use.htm  as Use Instruction.

You can see detailed of extra tips and practical application cases posted
in this web page and its links, which will bring you idea and sense, and
you can have (make, figure out) your own formulas and recipes which
you can apply for each bundle of human hair which comes in various conditions
and different qualities.


Treatment by Dipping Method for
some Kgs or 10 Kgs of human hair at a time

Treatment by Dipping Method for 0.5 Kgs of human hair at a time

Video 1 - Dipping (big container)

Video2 -Dipping(small q'ty)

Video3-Dipping(small q'ty)

You may not be able to play videos (on your smart phone) if you don't have the appropriate media player.
Please try to find & use another media player on a desktop computer or a laptop, not a smart phone.


( It is impossible  to use only 1 formula for all bundles of raw human hair cut from

so many different people because human hair is not produced by a factory. )


3/ As Pre-Treatment (before applying a haircoat), please have hair washed

with SILICONE-FREE shampoo in 50 degree C water, (you can have the hair soaked
in the shampoo solution for 1 hour for better washing, not giving heat) and again

wash 1, 2, or 3 times with new warm water until you can see water is clear with

no shampoo residue and no dirty thing coming from hair, 

and apply the HairCoat solution (HairCoat & 50 degree C water) to the hair.



4/ How to apply CW7882-SEV solution : Quick Dipping Method, Long Time Soaking Method

a) QUICK (SHORT TIME) TREATING (DIPPING) METHOD done for less than 10 seconds as shown
in the video 02 and VIDO 03.


You can have hair soaked in the HairCoat solution for 1 hour rather than

10 seconds for better coating effect. We call this method " LONG TIME SOAKING METHOD".


For SOAKING METHOD, please use a large container of which the volume (capacity) is 5 times

as minimum more than the quantity of hair to be treated.

For SOAKING METHOD, please use water  5 times as much as the quantity of hair to be treated.

For example, for 5 Kgs of hair, please use (prepare) a 30 Liter container for Soaking Method,

25 Kgs (or Liters) of water (5 times as much as the quantity of the hair by Soaking Method. 
Then, the amount of HairCoat, CW7882-SEV can be 75 ml (25 liters of water x 0.003 = 75 ml)

in case you would use (make) 3% HairCoat solution.


After putting hair (wefts, wigs) into the solution, you'd better massage, rub down, finger, comb each strand

of hair in order to make (the ions of) HairCoat go to every nook and corner of the entire hair (cuticle) for 

a minute. And, arrange each bundle, piece, weft, wig (100 gr or 200 gr) of hair by fingering and combing.
You can START finishing treatment (conditioning) with HairCoat by taking out from the HairCoat-treatment 

one by one in 10 SECONDS, 1 MINUTE, 10 MINUTE.  This is SOAKING METHOD.


Meanwhile, you can take our hair (hair extensions, wefts, wigs) from the HairCoat solution in 1 hour (or even 2 hours).


Much more ionds will attach to the cuticles in case of LONG TIME SOAKING METHOD than SHORT TIME OF SOAKING.


With this solution (of 25 liters of water & 75 ml of hair coat), you can treat another 5 kgs of hair after the first 5 Kgs of hair.
( Please note in the video 02 and 03, using the same solution, we are treating (dipping

and squeezing for seconds ) one by one, several bundles of which weigh about 200 ~ 300 grams each. )


For treating up to 5 Kgs of hair in the video 02 & 03, we mixed (used) as follows;
1) Water: 5 Liters (5 Kgs)
2) HairCoat (CW7882-SEV): 25 ml ( 0.3% SOLUTION)  (YOU CAN TRY 15 ML, OR LESS.)
3) Mixture Ratio: 0.5% [ 25/5000 = 0.005 ( 0.5% solution )] ( 0.3% [ 15/5000 = 0.003 ( 0.3% solution )]


If want to treat 1 Kg of hair using 1 Kg (Liter) of water in a small container, 1 Liter ~ 5 Liter container you can

make the solution in the ratio of 3: 1,000 with 3 gr(ml) of any one of our HairCoats, except CW7889-EmC which

should be mixed 5 or 10 times as much as other HairCoats).

I mean to say this case the amount of HairCoat is a function of hair amount (or/and water amount).

If you use a large container, for example, 30, 50, or 100 Liter container and

put 25 Liters or water no matter you treat totally 1 Kg of hair only, or 10 Kgs of Hair),

the amount of HairCoat  should be 75 ml (gr). I mean to say this case the amount of HairCoat is a function of water amount.




5/ Extra Tip  (pH No)

Before all kinds of treatment, please check the pH no of your water.


: : http://www.wigscience.com/_wigscience/pH_paper89x85.jpg

: : http://www.wigscience.com/_wigscience/pH_meter_logo114x100.jpg








If the pH# is lower than 7, please must not use the water.
If possible, please make your water's pH# high than pH 8.

I mean to tell you to use SOFT WATER, not HARD WATER.

You can buy and use a water softener which makes water become soft water.



6/ Extra Tip: COOLING DOWN 
When hair has become fully dried in air (in the shadow) or in an oven ( at 80 degree C for 2 or 3 hours),
you should have the hair cooled down before moving, touching, fingering, hackling, brushing.

Otherwise, the surface (cuticle) of the hair can be damaged.



I hope you and I can talk further when you receive the parcel.